Custom Build Website

Don’t limit yourself to some generic website template that has been churned out for hundreds of other businesses.

So - What business wouldn’t want an employee like that?

As your experts in custom web development, we are here to create you a website that captures the essence of your company and works for you and your business. We have a whole range of features and goodies that we can add to your site, depending on what your preferences, from blogs to email newsletters, shopping carts to credit card payments, product catalogues to laser guided death-rays… okay, so maybe not that last one.

If you’re wanting to integrate your website with a third party system, we can do that too! MailChimp, PayPal, Payment Express, Facebook – we cover them all.

Even if you have some freaky tastes and can’t find what you want on our list of additions, just hit us up and we can make it especially for you.

Of course, a first class website needs top shelf hosting and good customers deserve quality support. That is why we use our very own New Zealand based servers, ensuring that you have a speedy and reliable website that works for you and your customers.

And when all is done and your website is all pretty and shiny, ready to be showcased to the world, we hand you over the keys so that you can manage your very own content. And it really is super easy to manage (we know… we tested it with monkeys) – all you have to do is click and type. But if you prefer our team of experts to take care of any updates, we are always happy to do that too.

Once your website has been launched, our level of involvement can be as attached or detached as you like. It’s completely up to you. If you want weekly meetings to catch up, we’re always more than happy to leave our desk for a coffee. Alternatively, if you’re happy to leave the nest and embrace your freedom, we might be a bit sad, but we’ll understand.

The final thing to remember about your bright and shiny new website is that websites are much like cars – they need care and attention to ensure that they stay in premium condition and, just like cars, without regular maintenance they can easily start to slide downhill. Luckily, we can also take care of all of that for you as well! Our brave team of techno-buffs have all the skills and tools to complete maintenance of any type of website.

Whether it is content updates, design refreshes, Search Engine Optimisation, website audits, custom software and add-ons or even general website related problem solving, the team at AI Creative have you covered.