Ai Email Marketing

If you’re looking to engage your targeted customers with professional e-newsletter correspondence, then you’re certainly come to the right place!

Email Marketing Quick and efficient way to reach your audience

Ai Creative have all the skills, tools and expertise to help you create an HTML newsletter template that compliments your company’s brand or existing website.

Statistically speaking, HTML emails not only get twice the response rate as text emails, but they also enhance your brand perception and allow you to communicate with your customers using colour and images, rather than text alone. That is why it is important to make sure that any correspondence you’re sending out to potential customers is upholding the image you want for your business.

Here at Ai Creative, we will provide you with an editable HTML newsletter template that can be utilised in the mail software of your choice, so you send out professionally designed ne-newsletters, while still being able to edit the content with any news or promotions as required.