Google AdWords and SEM

Your streamline to instant results, Google AdWords is the quickest, easiest and more effective way to get your website showing up on the first page of Google.

So - How easy is it to get a new website?

As your first choice in professional Google AdWords specialists, Ai Creative have all the qualifications and expertise to help you explore and capitalise on the wide range of options available, ensuring that you are getting the absolute best return on your investment. The biggest mistake a lot of new businesses make is trying to run a Google AdWords campaign themselves, without the appropriate knowledge to run it effectively – so even though they may be spending a little bit less on their campaign, they are getting significantly less back, which simply means that the money they are spending isn’t providing them with any return on their investment.

With our team of Google AdWords experts taking care of your campaign, we will ensure that we are running a campaign that is getting your business maximum results and an optimised return.

We provide expert assistance with a comprehensive range of Google AdWords features, including:

  • Remarketing – With one of the highest conversion rates, this option allows you to tag visitors to your website, so you can advertise directly to them even when they visit other Google websites.
  • Image ads – Allows you to show static or moving image ads (used to attract attention) on websites that are closely related to your niche.
  • Text ads – Let’s you place ads on the search results of your choice. You can target people looking for specific products or services.
  • Content – Include your own content on your website or we can provide you with professional custom content at an hourly rate.
  • Campaign management – Highly experienced and fully qualified, we will assist you in setting up your campaign, managing your budget and selecting the keywords that will provide you with the best return.
  • Hit the right people – As your tour guide of Google AdWords, we’ll make sure you are hitting the right people in the right places at the right time.
  • Conversion tracking – We will track which clicks are providing you with the best conversion rates, so we can chop and change your campaign, maximising your returns.
  • Reporting – Our reporting system lets us know how and which areas of your campaign are performing, so we know exactly where to invest your advertising budget.
  • Negative keywords – As crucial as it is to make sure you’re targeting the right keywords, it’s also just as important to make sure that you’re not showing up under the wrong ones.